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1/2″ Drill Bit Including 3/16″ Pilot Drill (2 Bits) Kit


Our drill bit is designed specifically for our Kidzlock child safety products.

Price below are per lock

Name Range Discount
Quantity Discount 3 -5 $6.50
Quantity Discount 6 -999 $5.50
Quantity Discount 1 -2 $7.95


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Ensuring your child safety locks have been installed properly is important for your kids’ safety. That’s why we provide these two drill bits – including a 3/16” inch pilot bit and a ½” standard drill bit – for your convenience. The high-quality metal bits give you the tools you need to install your safety door locks confidently and professionally without having to purchase an entire kit from the hardware store. They can be used over and over to install child safety door locks throughout your home on multiple doors. Note the ½ “ drill bit has a reduced ⅜” shank to allow for usage in most household drills.


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