Kids Child Safety Door LockKids Child Safety Door Lock

Magnetic Child Safety Door Lock for Hinged Door

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Our child safety door lock kit is all you need to keep your little ones safe inside your home.

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Hinged doors are the most common doors found throughout homes. This magnetic child safety door lock kit was designed with hinged doors in mind and comes with everyOur Outhing you need to keep them safe. It comes with the knobs, a fully-assembled magnetic mechanism, a jamb sleeve, two optional knob holders, and two optional surface protectors to keep your little ones safe. Restrict kids’ access to potentially dangerous rooms all without locking yourself in or out again.

What’s in the box?

  • (1) ASSEMBLED MAGNETIC MECHANISM (this is a 3” long clear tube with a long magnet inside
    that gets inserted in the door edge after the hole is drilled. The brown removable Kidzbolt
    is also in the tube.
  • (1) JAMB SLEEVE (this is a 1/2” long brown tube to be inserted into the shallow hole drilled in
    the door jamb to receive Kidzbolt)
  • (2) STICKY BACKED KNOB HOLDERS (use at your option for storing magnetic knob(s) most
    anywhere if you don’t want to leave the knob on the door)
  • (2) CLEAR SURFACE PROTECTORS (to be used at your option. Generally not necessary)
  • (1) TUBE OF GLUE (included just in case the Magnetic Mechanism tube is loose in the hole you
    drilled in door edge. Glue generally not needed)
  • (1) BLUE CHALK (to mark end of Kidzbolt during installation)
  • (1) PIECE OF BLACK 1” SQUARE 2-SIDED TAPE (stick on door jamb to enhance chalk image
    transfer from Kidzbolt to door jamb during installation)
  • (1) BAG OF 4 SCREWS AND RED, GREEN, OR BLACK STICKERS (to be used at your option in
    conjunction with knob holders)

1 review for Magnetic Child Safety Door Lock for Hinged Door

  1. Matt

    Bought this because my toddler kept opening the door to the garage and we tend to leave garage door open a lot. It’s helped tremendously keeping them safe and inside the house. Highly recommend if you have little ones.

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