Frequently Asked Questions

I understand that in an emergency I can “break” the locked Kidzbolt to gain access or exit if I have lost or misplaced the magnetic knobs. How do I repair it? (Continued)

When the Kidzbolt is shattered or broken it is designed so that the remnant remaining in the door should have a small hole or notch intact on the broken Kidzbolt.  Move the magnetic knob so the broken Kidzbolt is pushed as far as possible toward the edge of the door.

If you can grasp the broken Kidzbolt just pull it out.  This will not require much force as it is only held into the door by a small disc magnet attached to the inside end of the Kidzbolt.

If you cannot grasp the broken Kidzbolt, unfold a paperclip and bend the very tip to form a small hook.  Insert the hook portion into the hole or notch on the broken Kidzbolt and pull it out.  (Another alternative is to drill a small shallow hole in the broken end of the Kidzbolt and insert a small screw about a half turn and pull the broken Kidzbolt out with the screw).

Take a new Kidzbolt and insert it into the door with the disc magnet end going into the door and the hollow end of the Kidzbolt facing out.

The new Kidzbolt will be automatically grasped by the strong internal magnet when fully inserted.

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