Kids Child Safety Door Lock

Enjoy Peace of Mind with Kidzlock Magnetic Child Door Locks

Parents and caregivers of small children spend a great deal of time thinking about their kids’ safety. After all, from the time they are born, kids are curious by their very nature – and some are quite daring, too. If keeping your children safe is at the very top of your priority list, Kidzlock magnetic childproof locks are a phenomenal choice. Their unique patented design offers many benefits that traditional child locks simply do not.

Semi-Permanent Installation

Unlike many other types of childproof door lock systems, the Kidzlock magnetic door lock is semi-permanent. Though it does require some installation, it is relatively simple and can be completed in just minutes. Once installed, you can feel confident about leaving your Kidzlock installed for years, which means it will continue to provide safe and effective protection as your family grows. It can also be removed at any time, so you can take it with you if you choose to move to a new home.

Simple Operation

Kidzlock childproof door locks have been created in such a way that they are exceedingly difficult for children to operate, but they offer adults plenty of convenience and simplicity. Once the Kidzbolts have been installed in the doors and frames, you only need the magnetic knob to open the door. This means there are no frustrating keys or difficult mechanisms to operate, and you will never find yourself locked in or out on either side of the door. The magnetic knob can be carried in your pocket and used to operate numerous protected doors throughout your home.

Multipurpose Use

Whereas many child door locks have been designed for use only with specific types of doors and frames, Kidzlock products can be installed virtually anywhere. You can install them on your front and back doors, but they’re also ideal for installation in entry doors for attached garages and interior doors leading to utility rooms or other areas that are not safe for small children. Kidzlock even makes a product that works with French (sliding glass) doors that lead to porches, patios, and balconies. It comes in a variety of finishes to ensure that it works well with your choice of home décor, as well.

A Company Focused on Child Safety

The Kidzlock brand focuses only on manufacturing high-quality products related to child safety, and it was founded by a father of four who saw the need for simpler and more effective child door locks. The company’s time, research, and money goes back into the development of child safety products, including improvements on those that already exist. Furthermore, Kidzlock is available online directly from the company’s website and on Amazon, and they are always interested in partnerships with new distributors to help spread the word.

Keeping your kids safe is a tough and time-consuming job, but thanks to Kidzlock and its dedication to providing simple child door locks, you can rest easy knowing that your children are always protected. Doors protected by Kidzlock are truly childproof, and they can continue to provide that protection for many years to come.