Kids Child Safety Door Lock

Helpful Tips for Installing Your Kidzlock Child Safety Door Locks

Kidz Lock child safety door locks are some of the best and most effective products of their kind, but their installation is a little different from traditional child safety locks. If you’re curious about the installation process, or if you’re looking for helpful tips that might make the process even simpler, you’re in the right place! Below, you will discover some tips from installation experts to make sure your experience is as quick and easy as possible.

Start with the Right Kidz Lock Product

Of all the tips for installing your Kidz Lock child safety door locks, this one is the simplest, but it’s also the most important: make sure you purchase the right product for your doors. Unlike many child safety lock manufacturers out there today, Kidz Lock provides options for both traditional hinged doors (interior and exterior) as well as for sliding glass doors. These two mechanisms are similar in the way they provide protection, but they’re different enough to require two different products. Double-check your products to make sure you have the right ones before you start the installation process.

Gather Your Supplies

During any installation process, it’s always beneficial to gather the tools you will need to complete the installation before you take the first step. For traditional hinged door installations, you’ll need your Kidz Lock product as well as a drill and a half-inch drill bit. That’s it. For a sliding glass door installation, you’ll need a drill and three drill bits in sizes 5/16”, 7/32”, and 5/64” as well as a 7/16” or adjustable wrench, a Phillips screwdriver, a tape measure, and a pencil for marking. You’ll also need to choose the right set of screws (included with the Kidz Lock product) depending on whether you are drilling into a metal or a wooden door frame. Always have the instructions included with your Kidz Lock product handy, too.

Watch the Helpful Installation Videos

If you’re someone who prefers to see something done before you give it a shot yourself, you’re certainly not alone. Fortunately, the Kidz Lock team has produced two very helpful installation videos to help you get the job done. One video is geared toward the installation of Kidz Lock mechanisms for hinged doors; the other is specific to installation for sliding glass doors. You can find these videos at the Kidz Lock website and refer to them as often as you need to, but we recommend watching the appropriate video at least once before you start the installation process.

Have Faith in Yourself

At first, installing your new Kidz Lock child safety locks might seem a little scary, especially if you aren’t usually a “handy” person around the house. However, it truly is a simple process. You can install the hinged door mechanism in as little as 10 minutes, and the sliding glass door mechanism takes only slightly longer. Just take a deep breath, gather your supplies, read the instructions, watch the installation videos, and have faith in your ability to get the job done. We know you’re a busy parent who doesn’t have a lot of time, and Kidz Lock was designed with simplicity in mind.

Kidz Lock child safety door locks are an outstanding, semi-permanent addition to your home. Once installed, they’ll keep your children safe for as long as is necessary, and with proper installation, they’ll still be around for your grandchildren, too. Follow these tips and you’re sure to discover how easy the installation can really be, even if you’ve never used a drill in your life.