The magnetic “Kidzbolt” on your KidzLock mechanism is made of acrylic plastic… BY DESIGN! It is engineered to break at approximately 125 pounds of pressure (adult “shoulder shove”). For emergency purposes, or if someone has locked the door and the knob(s) cannot be located a hefty “shoulder shove” on the door will break the “Kidzbolt”. To replace it simply pull the broken “Kidzbolt” out (held in magnetically) and simply insert a new “Kidzbolt” which will be grasped automatically when fully pushed in. Please see additional details and pictures regarding broken “Kidzbolt” replacement elsewhere on the website. (Additional “Kidzbolts” may be purchased at www.kidzlock.com). There are 2 magnetic knobs included with your KidzLock. As noted above if knobs are left on both the inside and outside of the door at the same time the magnetic mechanism may not operate as the magnets may counteract each other. If you are planning on leaving a knob on both sides it is recommended that the knob holders be used for “parking” the knobs so access is allowed from either side

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