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Important Considerations when Buying Child Safety Door Locks

Child safety door locks are incredibly popular these days as they give parents some additional peace of mind. These locks can be installed on interior and exterior hinged doors as well as on sliding glass doors to ensure kids’ curiosity doesn’t lead them into danger. If you’re ready to buy child locks for your home, the important considerations below will help you make the best choice.

Child Safety Door Locks are Recommended by Safety Experts

According to information from the United States Consumer Product Safety Administration, or CPSC, door locks and latches are among some of the best possible purchases you can make to keep your children safe at home. Furthermore, StaySafe.org offers up a wealth of advice for the best places to install those safety locks around your house to prevent accidents and injuries. This information can help you better understand the importance of installing door locks around your home.

The Right Lock for the Right Door

Certain door locks are made for certain applications, so not every lock will work for every door. For example, if you buy a kit designed to childproof the under-the-sink cabinet doors, these can’t be used on exterior doors – and vice versa. Think about which doors in your home you want to block off and then purchase the right product for your needs. For example, you might be able to use one product to lock interior and exterior hinged doors, but you’ll need another different product to safely lock a sliding glass door. Make sure you purchase the right lock for the right application.

Ease of Use

Next, consider the difficulty involved in using the product that you’re thinking of buying. While you can certainly go to any hardware store, purchase a deadbolt, and install it high on the door where your children can’t reach it, it’ll be irritating to have to dig out two different keys just to get in the door, especially when you’re already tired. Instead, a child safety door lock that uses the same sort of mechanism as a deadbolt (a bolt from the door into the frame that prevents the door from opening) without the need for a key can provide you with all the same benefits and none of the hassle.

Potential Problems

Now that you’ve decided on the right keyless safety lock for each of the various doors in your home for rooms you want to restrict, it’s time to think about any potential issues that may arise. For example, is it possible that you could lock yourself in or out of your home or a room in your home if you aren’t careful? If so, then there are better options available to you. Does the company provide videos to help you install the product correctly? If not, then you may find yourself struggling with the installation. Make sure that you these problems and purchase a product that is backed by excellent customer service, too.

Child safety door locks can benefit parents, caregivers, and children of all ages. Whether you’re blocking access to a utility room, an attached garage, or even the backyard pool, there’s no doubt that these locks can provide incredible peace of mind. By following the advice found here, you can avoid some of the headaches that can come along with childproof locks and enjoy a smooth, hassle-free process instead.