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How to Keep Your Kids Safe Around the Fireplace

Fire is useful in our everyday life both for domestic and industrial purposes. You probably have a fireplace in your home, and you know that kids love to be around the fireplace. It doesn’t matter if you use gas, or a wood fireplace, what matters is the safety of your kids around the fireplace. Here’s how to keep your kids safe around the fireplace.

Inspect all Fireplaces Regularly.

You have to check the fireplace to ensure there are no possible risks of explosion or widespread fire into other places in the home. Fix all vulnerabilities as soon as you discover them. Your gas cylinder should be free from leakage; the chimney should be safe and protected from kids. You should ensure inspect the fireplace against gas leakages, and other issues that could lead to fire outbreaks.

Avoid Open Fireplaces                                             

A structure should be built around the fireplace in your home to prevent kids from having access to it. Open fireplaces pose dangers as kids may want to go and see what’s in the fire and get burns from it. Fireplaces should be safe and made impossible for kids to have access to. There are varieties of structures you can use to keep your fireplace safe from your kids, you can either build metal structures or use blocks to cover the fireplace. Whichever way you want to do it, ensure you contact a professional.

Keep Fire Extinguishers Handy

It’s important to get a fire extinguisher and learn how to use it. Fireplace safety is not complete without keeping a fire extinguisher within your reach. Those whose homes are engulfed with fire never anticipated it, so it’s better to arm yourself with a fire extinguisher in case of a fire outbreak within the fireplace.

Keep Inflammable Substances Out of the Fireplace

It’s hazardous to allow inflammable materials within the fireplace, keep them away as far as possible. Don’t allow matches, gas, or any inflammable substance to be within the reach of your kids. The presence of inflammable materials allows the risk of fire outbreak if the kids mishandle them, so they must be kept out entirely from the fireplace.

Keep Your Kids Out of the Fireplace

It’s not safe to allow kids near the fireplace unless it’s well protected against possible hazards. The wood fireplace should be a bit distant from the main house where your kids play around. Do not allow kids to stay alone around the wood fireplace to avoid the risks of the fire accident. Keep your kids entire out of the fireplace, unless you’ve built a structure around it to stop kids from entering into the fireplace.

Supervise the Wood Fireplace Until the Fire Burns Out

When using the wood fireplace, ensure you watch over the fire so it doesn’t extend to other places. This is especially important if there are no protective walls built around the fireplace. Do not leave you to leave your kids alone at the wood fireplace to avoid dangers associated with fire.

Upgrade your Fireplace

Using an obsolete fireplace may constitute harm to your kids and everyone else. Ensure you upgrade to a more current fireplace. If your fireplace is built in the sixties, check to see if it’s still safe for use. This is to avoid fire hazards such as explosions.