Expert Tips on how to Protect your Toddler from the Internet

The internet has proven to be useful in the performance of our daily activities, from completing tasks, socializing with others, downloading digital kinds of stuff, and so on. Children also use the internet; they’re often addicted to watching their favorite movies, playing video games, and networking with others.

However, your kids can come across inappropriate or sexually explicit content while innocently searching for something else online, that’s why ensuring your child’s safety is important. Here are some expert tips to ensure your toddler is safe online.

Setup Parental Control

You want to make sure your child is kept out from viewing inappropriate content online, set up parental control on their computer to filter explicit results from their search. Turn on safe search on your child’s browser to determine what contents cannot be displayed to them. Almost every search and video software has a feature that allows you control over the contents your child can view online.

Monitor their Activities on Social Media

You can keep an eye on the interaction and social activities of your kids to ensure they’re not exposed to threats, bullying, or content that promote any vice. Only allow them to use social media on the condition that they share their log-in details. Social media has ways of influencing kids, so check their messages and the type of content they share. Just ensure you regulate how they use social media.

Discuss your Child’s Online Activities 

It’s easy to underestimate the power of having a dialogue with your child until you try it. They’d expose information about what they see online, the sites they visit, and how good or bad they feel about their online activities.

Devices should be Used in Open Places

If your child must use the computer, it must be in a place where you can easily glance to see what they’re doing. You shouldn’t assume that the parental control you’ve set will guarantee you total security.

Keep a watch over your child’s activities online, let them know you’re seeing what they do, this helps deal with the temptation to misbehave while online.

Set Social Media Rules

Social media is a useful tool, yet it can expose people to threats and dangers. Make a list of what to do, and what not to do online.

Discourage your kids from sharing private information online, that information could be used to track and harm someone. Ensure their activities on social media is minimal, and limited to normal social activities and maybe learning. 

Limit the Time your kids Spend Online

Kids should not be allowed to spend all day online, they should be involved in other activities of the internet, such as playing card games, and learning. They may want to stay longer online, but you have to disallow it. You can set their devices to go off at specific times and power on again later.

Protecting your toddler from the Internet is essential in the twenty-first century, you risk exposing them to dirty stuff if you don’t take measures to ensure they’re safe online. While the Internet is filled with awesome opportunities for learning and interaction, it’s important to ensure toddlers are safe online.