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The KidzLock two-way, keyless entry, child safety door lock systems are a revolutionary, patented design, specifically for child safety. There are KidzLock models for both hinged doors and sliding doors. You can use KidzLock to safeguard small children by restricting their access to virtually any doorway in your home—both interior and exterior. Moreover, because KidzLock is completely keyless to operate and virtually effortless (and simple) to use, adults are not locked-out or shut-in from either side of the door with KidzLock systems.

As a father of four children, I understand firsthand how difficult it can
be to “childproof” many of the rooms in your home. I also know how
important it is to feel secure about your child’s safety when they are in the care of others. These universal challenges face parents in all walks of life were the compelling motivations behind my development of a keyless entry/exit system for use in my own home—and I am proud to offer you KidzLock to bring that same security and peace of mind into your home today!

Additionally, we look forward to answering any questions you may have and welcome any feedback on your experience with KidzLock.


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