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Baby Proof a Sliding Glass Door – How Kidzlock can help

Are you frustrated about ensuring the safety of your child while using a sliding glass door in your home? Sliding glass doors are awesome to use, but it presents its own risk and one of those risks is connected with the safety of your toddler. You don’t want your kid to crawl out of the room when you’re busy in the kitchen, or doing something else. You can enjoy peace of mind when you leave your kid indoors. Here’s how to ensure your baby does not find a way out of the house through the sliding glass door.

Install Kidzlock

You’ve probably tried many things to ensure the safety of your child in the home but ended up getting frustrated. Kidzlock is the only child safety lock system that’s guaranteed to protect your kid inside the house while you’re busy doing something else. With Kidzlock, you don’t have to worry about where your child is, because you’re sure they’re safe inside. It’s easy to install and works with any door, including non-sliding glass doors, both interior, and exterior.

Benefits of Using Kidzlock

When seeking the most effective system for ensuring your child’s safety, I’m sure you’d go for what was built having your frustrations in mind, and that’s why kidszlock is the only viable lock system that provides your needs. Here are the reasons we recommend kids lock:

1. it is Built-in a Way that Makes it Impossible for Kids to Open.

Your kids can’t unlock your sliding glass door once you install Kidzlock. You can install it at the top where your toddler’s hands can’t reach; again it cannot be opened by turning the lock.

2. It Works on all Kinds of Doors, Both Interior, Exterior, and Non-Sliding Glass Doors. That’s a Win for Everyone.

3. It’s the Safest to Use

With Kidzlock, you don’t have to worry about locking yourself inside your room, it’s built in a way that makes this impossible. It’s built with your safety in mind.

4. It’s Easy to Install and Use. 

Kidzlock typically takes a few minutes to install, it’s super fast and easy, yet made in a way that kids can’t open the sliding glass doors once installed.

5. It’s Super Unique

Kidzlock stands out as a reliable solution to your need of keeping your child safe indoors. Everything about it speaks uniqueness; from its simplicity, authenticity, reliability, safety, and durability. It’s the perfect solution for anyone tired of not having their kids safely indoors. Your child’s safety is important to you, there’s no other way to baby-proof your sliding glass door without a child safety lock system, and Kidzlock has come to the rescue.

The Kidzlock technology is made up of two major parts: the kid’s bolt and magnetic knobs. You have to install the kid’s bolt into the door and frame so that your toddler can’t have access to them once locked. It’s completely keyless, so you don’t have to worry about locking up yourself in the house or outside. That’s how easy and effective it is.