Effective Date: February 1, 2020until changed

A. Affiliates will be paid 10% of net sales (“Net Sales”) of KidzLock products. Kidzlock will pay affiliates on a regularmonthly pay cycle. Net Sales is defined as the total order amount less sales/use tax and shipping costspaid by KidzLock or customer.

B. Kidzlock reserves the right to withhold Affiliate commission payments until Affiliate has accumulated$50 or more in commissionsdue.Affiliate will be paid on the next monthly pay cycle onceAffiliate has accumulated $50 or more in commissions due.

C. Commissions previously paid on products that are returned are to be re-paid to Kidzlock in USdollars or if applicable such commissions may besubtracted fromcommissionsdue.

D.Special orders with large quantity product sales that are negotiated ordiscounted beyond the standard product pricing posted on the KidzLock websiteare subject to negotiated lower commission rates between Affiliate and KidzLock(“Special Orders”). KidzLock reserves the right to withhold commissions on Special Orders for an additional pay cycle in order to insure that product is not returned.

E. Commissions are payable after product has shipped and KidzLock has been paid.F.Commissions are calculated or converted to US dollar equivalents based on exchange rates posted on the Internet within 3 days ofthe payment date.G.This schedule can be changed as necessary from time to time at our discretion.

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