5 Things to Never let your Child Play With

Children love to play and use things they don’t know well. You have to ensure your child is not exposed to unnecessary hazards and damages as a result of the play. To them, everything may seem like fun, but you have advanced knowledge. Here are 5 things your child should never play with, no matter what.

Electrical Appliances

The use of electrical appliances should be monitored by adults, as they can cause various degrees of injuries or harm to children. Don’t allow your child to use electric heaters, or try to fix the appliance that’s malfunctioning, this could cause injuries. Some children have lost their lives due to electric shock. Keep all electrical appliances out of your child’s reach, to avoid troubles that may arise from them. Until your child reaches a certain age, never let them handle electrical appliances.

Don’t Let Your Child Play with Sharp Objects

It’s common among children to play with instruments that are very dangerous to them, but you have to stop them. Your child may want to take up a needle, pin, or razor blade; they don’t know the hazards those objects can cause them, but you do. Keep all sharp objects out of our child’s reach, children may not find it hard to swallow sharp objects or use them to injure themselves.

Keep all Drugs and Medicines Out of the Reach of Children

Children often reach out for drugs wherever they find them. They’ve probably seen you or other adults take it, so they assume it’s a form of food or drink. Don’t allow your child to play with medicines or drugs, they may end up swallowing it and this may cause health hazards. Keep all medicines in a safe place, far from where the hands of your child can reach.

Don’t Let Your Child Play With Water

This sounds ridiculous, right? Children love playing with water whether it’s tap, or in a container. Water is good, but the misuse of it can expose children to great harm. During cold seasons, children may be exposed to catarrh and cough when they play and soak their bodies in the water. Another reason you should never let your child play with water is because of the dangers of getting drawn in water, if they must swim, let an adult watch over them. Your child should not use water without the watch of an adult.

Never Let Your Child into the Kitchen

The kitchen contains so much dangerous equipment that can harm a child. The stove, knives, fork, and almost everything in the kitchen will constitute harm if your child plays with any of them. It’s best not to allow children into the kitchen, but where it seems inevitable, you can have the child sit down at a spot or busy with a toy outside the kitchen. You don’t want your child to get injured, so ensure they don’t have a chance to play with anything in your kitchen.